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1982 Development Plan

The 1982 Development Plan was the Isle of Man’s first statutory Development Plan to be approved by Tynwald.

In accordance with Schedule 8 (Transitional Provisions) to the Town and Country Planning Act 1999, the following have effect as an Area Plan:

  • (a) articles 7, 8, 10 and 11 of the Isle of Man Planning Scheme (Development Plan) Order 1982
  • (b) articles 2 and 3 of that Order, so far as they relate to those articles
  • (c) any special order as defined in the said article 2
  • (d) the Plan as defined in the said article 2

The general effect of these provisions is that the 1982 Development Plan, as amended by the various Local Pans approved since 1982, remains in operation until such time as it, or parts of it are replaced by new Area Plans. The matters for considerations on planning applications, as set out in article 11, also remain effective. These include Circulars issued by the Department from time to time. Other articles and the Schedules to the Order are no longer in operation. 

Further information about the documents that make up the Development Plan, including which plans relate to which areas, is available at

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