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Register to Vote

Why should I register?

You must be registered in order to vote or stand as a candidate for a House of Keys or Local Authority election.

Why should I vote?

How can we influence the choices that Members of the House of Keys, Commissioners or Councillors make when they consider new laws, policies or practices?

The starting point is to ensure that the decision-makers are the people who share your point of view or who you think will best represent you. You can only do this if you vote.

How do I register to vote?

If you are not already on the register you can apply to be added to the register by visiting the Electoral Register page on Online Services and following the instructions on the web page.

You can register to vote if you:

  • have returned your household registration form
  • are resident at the address stated on the form
  • have been resident for at least 12 months
  • are 16 years of age or older
  • are not subject to any legal incapacity to vote
  • you have not registered in more than one polling district

If you are away at university you can still register as your Manx address is considered your usual address.

Edited Register

In addition to the full version of the register, an edited register is produced and is available for purchase by any interested parties, such as marketing agencies. The edited register contains only the details of those people who have chosen to appear on it.

If you do not wish to appear on the edited register you should mark this on your registration form.

Certain credit reference agencies are permitted access to the full register to confirm the residential details of a person applying for various forms of credit, from personal loans to mortgages. Credit has been refused where people have failed to register at all.

The Register is available to view in the Crown and Elections Unit, the General Registry and the Tynwald Library in Douglas and at each Local Authority Office.

How to check if you are registered

The full electoral registers can be viewed at the following locations:

  • Local Authority offices
  • General Registry (IOM Courts of Justice, Deemsters' Walk, Douglas)
  • Crown and Elections Unit (Cabinet Office, 3rd Floor, Government Office, Bucks Road, Douglas)
  • Tynwald Library (Legislative Buildings, Finch Road, Douglas)

For more information regarding the electoral register you may call: +44 1624 685754 or email:

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