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Isle of Man Water Authority


The Authority primarily operates under the terms of the Water Act 1991, the Statutory Boards Act 1987 and the Statutory Boards Amendment Act 2001.

Our policies and objectives are derived from the duties placed upon us by the relevant Acts of Tynwald, and also from central Government's policy of ensuring the economic, efficient and effective provision of the services and infrastructure necessary to meet the Island's needs in terms of a wholsome supply of drinking water.

The principal objective is to provide a safe, reliable and high quality water supply to customer's homes backed up by an equally efficient customer service.

During the winter months, the Authority supplies an average of 29 megalitres of water per day to 49,000 connections over an approximate area of 250 square miles. The demand for water rises to 35 megalitres per day during the summer months.

Upon its formation in 1972, the Authority inherited a complex system of mains, service reservoirs and pumping stations. Many of these were previously operating as independant units, run by the various Water Boards serving different parts of the Island.

By today's standards, some of the Authority's existing facilities are rather outdated. In fact, the numerous cast iron mains still in use date back to the mid-nineteenth century, and some of the service reservoirs and pumping stations were built and first commissioned in the nineteen forties and fifties.

To meet the stringent standards expected of the twenty first century, the Authority has embarked on a major refurbishment programme, and is now undergoing an exciting period of trnasformation in its quest to provide customers with a dependable supply of high quality water at the lowest possible cost.

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