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Welcome to the Sewerage Division

Bin it, Don't Flush It Banner ImageThe Isle of Man Water and Sewerage Authority manages, maintains and develops the Island’s sewerage infrastructure and the sewage treatment and disposal systems. The Authority is also responsible for carrying out the functions contained within the Land Drainage Act and for assessing flood risk for areas of the Island.

Sewerage Division, which is based at the Meary Veg Sewage Treatment Plant in Santon, employs 24 people across two sections:

The Sewerage Infrastructure and Asset Management Section operates and maintains the sewage treatment works, pumping stations, sewers and transmission mains.

The Policy, Planning and Customer Services Section is responsible for developing and implementing drainage policy, reviewing the impact of development on the public sewerage and sewage treatment infrastructure, maintaining sewer records, and upgrading and improving the infrastructure to meet the increasing demands of the public. This section also manages and maintains the Island’s designated Main Rivers and reviews the impact of development to reduce the risk of flooding to people and property.

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