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Road/EventDateSummaryOrganisationContact Number
Manx Classic Car Sprint and Hill Climbs 201523 Apr 2015 - 25 Apr 2015Road closures in connection with an event.Manx Motor Racing Club Limited670150
The Promenade Back Lane, Port St Mary27 Oct 2014 - 27 Apr 2015Closed to vehicles and pedestrians from The Promenade for approximately 16 metres, from 6.00am on 27 October 2014 until 6.00pm on 27 April 2015 or until the building work is completed, whichever is the earlier.Eastlake Developments Ltd404044
A4 Peel Coast Road23 Apr 2015 - 28 Apr 2015Temporary traffic lights between the Devils Elbow and the Switchback junction from 09:00 to 16:15 daily; to enable drainage works.DOI, Highway Services850000
Royal Avenue West13 Apr 2015 - 4 May 2015Gas Mains replacement works - It will prohibit through vehicular traffic from proceeding on Royal Avenue West, Onchan, between its junction with Imperial Terrace and its juction with Royal Drive. This closure and suspension of parking will take place from 0600hrs on 13th April 2015 until 1800hrs on 4th May 2015 or until the gas mains replacement work is completed, whichever is the earlierManx Gas644425
Unnamed lane at the rear of the former Mannin Hotel and Central Apartments5 Nov 2014 - 5 May 2015Closed to vehicles and pedestrians between the rear of No 18A Broadway and the rear of Central Apartments, from 6.00am on 5 November 2014 until 6.00pm on 5 May 2015 or until the construction work is completed, whichever is the earlierManannan Investments493909
Central and Queen's Promenades9 Apr 2015 - 8 May 2015Site investigation works will be undertaken at numerous locations on Central and Queen's Promenades. Traffic management will be in place throughout with reduced lane widths.DOI, Highway Services850000
Derby Square Lane Douglas21 Apr 2015 - 8 May 2015Emergency road closure from the rear of Number 63 to the rear of Number 77 to enable works to repair a collapsed sewer.S Craig & Sons Limited629956
Balleira Road, Kirk Michael11 Nov 2014 - 11 May 2015Closed to vehicles and pedestrians from the campsite to the beach, between 7.30am and 6.00pm Monday to Saturday from 11 November 2014 until 11 May 2015 or until the water treatment plant work is completed, whichever is the earlier. The road will re-open during periods when work is not actually taking place. Parking Also suspended.JCK Limited720000
Public Right of Way No 254 Glen Chass to Perwick, Port St Mary12 Nov 2014 - 12 May 2015Closed between Fistard Road and Perwick Rise from 6pm on 12 November 2014 until 6pm on 12 May 2015 or until the property stabilisation work is completed, whichever is the earlier.JCK Limited720000
Peel (various roads) - See Below13 Apr 2015 - 13 May 2015Significant HGV movements are taking place between Peel and Poortown. The route is as follows - East Quay, Mill Road and Patrick Street before heading up Heathfield Drive and Queens Drive / Albany Road to reach Derby Road / Poortown Rd and Reverse RouteJCK Limited720000
Bowring Road, Ramsey22 Apr 2015 - 15 May 2015Traffic lights 24 hours between Derby Road and Station Road to enable further road construction works.DOI, Highway Services850000
Back Shore Road, Laxey20 Apr 2015 - 22 May 2015In front of Fuchsia Cottage closed to vehicles from 6.00am on 20 April 2015 until 6.00pm on 22 May 2015 or until the rendering work is completed, whichever is the earlier.Absolute Scaffolding Ltd620505
Derby Road and Derby Square19 Jan 2015 - 31 May 2015A one-way traffic system (easterly) will be in place on that section of Derby Road, Douglas, from its junction with Derby Square east and Glen Falcon Road to its junction with Broadway, from 6.00am on 19 Janaury until 6.00pm on 31 May 2015 or until the property development work is completed, whichever is the earlier. That section of the footway from a point at the eastern boundary of No 1a Derby Road up to the northern boundary of No 8 Derby Square will be closed whilst the one-way is in place.Hartford Homes631000
St George's Walk1 Feb 2015 - 31 May 2015Closed to vehicles between the rear of No’s 36 to 44 Athol Street, from 6.00am on 1 February 2015 until 6.00pm on 31 May 2015 or until the extension/refurbishment work is completed, whichever is the earlier.G J Ingham & Sons Ltd844104
Laxey Packhorse Road, Laxey & Old Douglas Road, Maughold1 Jan 2015 - 1 Jul 2015The U24 Laxey Packhorse Road, Laxey, will be one-way downhill from the A2 Ramsey Road junction to the Breeze Hill junction; as will the A84 Old Douglas Road, Maughold, from a point approx 125 north of the D28 Rhowin Road junction (at the gate) to the A2 Ballure Road junction, from 6am on 1 January until 6pm on 1 July 2015.DOI, Highway Services686665
PROW 159 - Lonan5 Mar 2015 - 3 Jul 2015Closed between Baldhoon Road and Laxey Glen @ MR427843 from 5 March until 3 July 2015 or until the footbridge removal work is completed, whichever is the earlier.DOI, Highway Services686922
Unnamed lane at rear of Tynwald Street Playground3 Feb 2015 - 2 Aug 2015Closed to vehicles between Tynwald Street and the unnamed lane leading from the playground to the rear of No 27 Tynwald Street, from 6am on 3 February until 6pm on 2 August 2015 or until the construction work is completed, whichever is the earlier.Lyncot Construction Management499497
Public Right of Way No 626 (Walkway), Braddan18 Feb 2015 - 18 Aug 2015Closed from 6.00am on 18 February until 6.00pm on 19 August 2015, between the northern end of Port Soderick Beach and the end of the walkway. Approx MR SC348727.DOI, Highway Services686665
Public Right of Way No 405, German1 Mar 2015 - 1 Sep 2015Closed to pedestrians between the railway bridge below Lynague Farm (SC281868)and the shore (SC281871), from 6.00am on 1 March until 6.00pm on 1 Steptember 2015, due to the structure being unsafe because of a landslide.DOI, Highway Services686665
Public Right of Way No 632, Ramsey9 Mar 2015 - 16 Sep 2015Closed between Riverbank Road and the path along Sulby River @ MR438951, from 6.00pm on 16 March until 6.00pm on 16 September 2015 or until the footpath reinstatement work is completed, whichever is the earlier.DOI, Highway Services850000

Safety Notice

Motorists are urged to take more care when driving near to roadworks. Take notice of advance warning signs and temporary speed signs; if you drive too fast through roadworks temporary restrictions, you risk incurring a penalty. Do not switch lanes to overtake queuing traffic or drive through an area marked off by traffic cones. Watch out for traffic entering or leaving the works area but do not be distracted by what is going on there. The Road Safety Unit advises all drivers approaching roadworks to consider how they would feel if they were standing in the coned off areas of the road and a vehicle went speeding by only centimetres away. Safe drivers - think of road workers too!


The information on this site is provided and uploaded by various authorities and companies carrying out works on the highways. Although the information is accurate to the best of our knowledge, the Department of Transport and other content providers can not be held legally responsible for the accuracy of information on this site. We welcome feedback; please send any comments or queries on this service to

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