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Q Does IOMPRO provide copies of Manx birth, marriage and death certificates?
ANo, these are available from the Civil Registry
Q Does IOMPRO provide the current Manx voters list?
ANo, these are held by the Corporate Services Division of the General Registry
Q Can I check Manx company details at IOMPRO?
AInformation on live companies can be obtained from the Companies Registry which is now part of the Department of Economic Development - see their website for more information. Files for companies which have been dissolved are held by IOMPRO or Companies Registry. IOMPRO holds files for dissolved companies registered before 1970 and sampled files for companies registered after 1970 and dissolved more than 12 years ago. The Financial Supervision Commission has the files for companies dissolved in the last twelve years.
Q Does IOMPRO hold details of Manx property owners?
AThe deeds and related information up to 1910 are in the Manx National Heritage, from 1911 they are in the Deeds Registry. We have rating valuation lists for the island from 1902 to c.1973.
Q Can I consult all Manx Government records which are open to the public in IOMPRO?
ANo, for records less than 30 years old you should normally go to the relevant department. See other FAQs on this page for births, marriages and death records, property records, and company records of any date.
Q Can you help me find Manx school records for my parent or grandparent?
AWe may be able to assist, though not all records have survived. Please contact us with the details you have.
Q Where is the Isle of Man Public Record Office?
AIt is on Spring Valley Industrial Estate 2.5 miles outside Douglas – see contact us and access to records for further details.
Q What records does IOMPRO have?
ASee records in IOMPRO.
Q How do I get access to records in IOMPRO?
ASee access to records.
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