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Information regarding marriage on the Isle of Man | Residency and notice of marriage | Documents to be produced to the Registrar | Douglas | Ramsey | Peel | Marriage abroad

Information regarding marriage on the Isle of Man

  1. Church of England Marriages

    If you wish to marry in the Church of England, no reference to a Registrar is necessary in the Isle of Man. Enquiries should be made to the Vicar of the church where the ceremony is to take place who will advise you of the legal requirements. For further information, you may wish to contact the Diocesan Registrar.

  2. Marriages other than Church of England

    Marriages may be solemnized in other religious buildings registered for marriages, the Civil Registry, a registration office, an Approved Place or other venu granted approval fby the Chief Registrar .

Residency and notice of marriage

To marry on the Isle of Man, you must give notice of your intention to marry in person to a Registrar and have resided at your place of residence for at least 7 full consecutive days immediately before giving notice. You may attend the Civil Registry or a registration office where you will each be required to complete and sign a Notice of Marriage form. This is a legal document stating your intention to marry.

The Notice of Marriage form is placed in the Notice Book which can be inspected by the public at any time during office hours. If no objections to the notice are made within 7 full consecutive days, a Certificate for Marriage is issued and the marriage can take place.

Please note: Certificates for Marriage are valid for 12 months from the date of giving notice and must be valid for the date of your ceremony.

Documents to be produced to the Registrar

If either of you have previously been married and the marriage has ended either in the death of your former spouse or civil partner or in the dissolution of the marriage or civil partnership, documentary evidence of the freedom to marry (e.g. certified copy of a death certificate with marriage certificate/civl partnership schedule or a certified copy of a Decree Absolute/Dissolution Order) must be produced.

You should also produce valid photographic ID (e.g. passport, driving licence, etc.), proof of residence (e.g. utility bill, bank statement, Government letter, etc.) dated within the last 3 months, certified copies of your birth certificate and change of name documentation (if applicable). The Registrar will take copies and return the documents to you immediately. Please note that only original/certified documents should be provided and photocopied documentation cannot be accepted. If any of the documents are in a language other than English, you must also provide a certified translation in to English.

The minimum age for marriage on the Isle of Man is 16 years, and if aged 16 or 17 years written consent is required from your parent(s) and/or guardians. Couples must not be related under the prohibited degress of relationship. Same sex couples cannot marry on the Isle of Man but may register a civil partnership.

Civil Registry

The ceremony room at the Civil Registry was planned by Government architects to make the most of the light and modern look of the building. A CD of Celtic music can be played as your guests enter the room and during the signing of the register. The room opens out onto the courtyard frontage of the Courts of Justice. The ceremony room is on the ground floor with a ramp leading out onto the courtyard. There is seating for 50 guests. The room is accessible for wheelchairs and there are toilet and baby changing facilities available. There is no reserved parking available but the nearest pay and display car parks are at Chester Street or Drumgold Street. Confetti is a traditional part of a ceremony but we would request that guests throw biodegradable confetti only outside of the building.

Douglas Wedding Room

Ramsey Registration Office (operated by Ramsey Town Commissioners)

The registration office is located in Ramsey Town Hall in Parliament Square. An impressive ceremony room with large windows looking up to Snaefell. The ceremony room is on the first floor with lift access and seating for 40 guests. The nearest public parking is in Parliament Street. Contact the staff at Ramsey Town Commissioners for further details.

Registry Office

Peel Registration Office (operated by Peel Town Commissioners)

The registration office is located in Peel Town Hall in Derby Road. The ceremony takes place in the first floor boardroom of the Commissioners, which boasts an impressive stained glass window. There is a stairlift and the room is accessible for wheelchairs with seating for 30 guests. The nearest public parking is at the rear of Peel Police Station.


Marriage abroad

If you wish to marry abroad, you should first contact the country's authorities who will be able to tell you how to proceed and what documentation is required as marriage rules vary greatly from country to country.

Any person who wilfully gives false information to the Registrar relating to the particulars required to be entered in any register is liable to prosecution, and on conviction, to the punishment prescribed by law.

Downloadable Documents
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