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'The Changing Face of Manx Witchcraft' - M.N.H Press Release

Professor HuttonListen to this fascinating lecture by Professor Ronald Hutton which took place at the Manx Museum, Friday 15th January 2009. Professor Hutton, who is a leading authority on ancient and medieval paganism and one of the most recognised historians on British television, states that:

“In the Middle Ages the Isle of Man had the reputation of being the part of the British Isles most steeped in sorcery. In the seventeenth century it became the only place in the world of the Anglican Communion in which people were burned for witchcraft. In the twentieth it turned into the world capital of a newly appeared pagan witch religion. This talk tells the story of all these developments and attempts to explain them; and, in doing so, reveals for the first time the remarkable way in which the traditional witchcraft beliefs of the Manx became distorted into a legend in the course of the modern period.” Click here to listen.

9th February 2010

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