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Gambling Supervision Commission

Gambling Supervision Commission

Licence Holders on the Isle of Man

Below you will find listed the current licence holders of the Gambling Supervision Commission.

Where an OGRA operator is currently offering their product for public consumption a website address will be provided.

Online Gambling LicenseesWebsites
Annexio Limited
Asian BGE (Isle of Man) Limited
Alliance Gaming Solutions Limited  
Betmarble Limited 
Binary (IOM)
Blackbird Gaming
Celton Manx Ltd
Cladstone Limited
Cozy Games Management 
Fesuge Limited
Galaxy Bet (IOM)
Iconic Bet Limited 
International Multi-Media Entertainments Limited 
Joint Sports Betting
Knockout Gaming
Luxbet Europe Limited
Mahjong Logic
Matrix One Limited 
Mersey Sports Limited 
Microgaming Software Systems Limited 
Mondogoal Trading
Paddy Power Holdings
Pariplay Limited
Playstone Limted
Praesepe On-Line
Premier Gateway International Limited
Rational Entertainment Enterprises Ltd
Rational FT Enterprises Limited
Redsharks Limited
Sun.Gaming IOM
TGP Europe
Top Gaming Europe Limited
Tradagames (Isle of Man)
Velocity Wagering Limited
Watchmore Limited

Webis Holdings plc
Welton Holdings Limited
Whale Gaming Limited 
Wombat IOM
Xela Limited
Casino Licensees 
Palace Hotel and Casino
In accordance with S. 12B (6) (a) of the Casino Act 1986, the Commission is in receipt of an application for a Temporary premises certificate from the Palace Hotel and Casino Limited.
Betting Office Permit Holders 
Bet a Bet Ltd 
Joe Jennings (IOM) Ltd 
Willstan (IOM) Ltd 
Controlled Machine Supplier Licensees 
Island Automatics Ltd 
Ken Joynes & Sons Ltd 
Onboard Leisure Ltd 
Tournament Games Ltd