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Power in the Isle of Man

Power StationElectricity, which is A.C. and supplied at 240 volts, is generated and distributed by the Manx Electricity Authority (MEA).

Power Stations are situated at Pulrose, Peel, Ramsey and Sulby. Pulrose has a capacity of almost 50MW, Peel a capacity of nearly 40MW, a diesel generating station at Ramsey with a capacity of 7MW, and a small hydro station at Sulby with a capacity of 1.0MW.

The MEA supplies over 40,000 customers by a distribution network of some 725Km in total of 33,000 volt, 11,000 volt, 3,300 volt and 415/240 volt overhead lines and 1,240Km of underground cables. There are 940 substations. The MEA also provides contracting services for the provision and maintenance of public lighting.

Power StationThe introduction of the subsea cable link in October 2000 has inevitably changed the way the MEA operates and moved the organisation towards a supply company which is customer orientated together with a generation company which will obtain power on a least cost basis. This is in line with the electricity supply industry best practice.

It is proposed that further security of supply is met by a Combined Cycle Gas Turbine Power Station at Pulrose. This will enable a diversity of fuel to be established, a supply of natural gas to be provided for the Island and a further reduction in the price of electricity to be achieved.

The MEA is also committed to establishing a further supply of electricity from a renewable source in keeping with its commitment to the Island Environment and the RIO and KYOTO conventions.