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26 April 201427 December 201416:15“Sporty Church” meeting

Bunscoill Rhumsaa’s Auldyn Hall,

11 June 201425 December 2014Pilates with Lizzy Main

FRIDAY - Pilates at The Pilates Studio, Viking Longhouse, Middle Wharf, Peel, at 9.30am and The Studio, Falcon Road, Douglas, at 1pm; SATURDAY - The Pilates Studio, Peel, 10am; MONDAY – The Pilates Studio, Peel, at 9.30am and Colby Methodist Hall at 6pm; WEDNESDAY –The Pilates Studio, Peel, at 5.15pm and 6.30pm. THURSDAY - The Pilates Studio, Peel, at 10am (chair-based Pilates for older, frailer adults) and beginners’ Pilates, 6.15pm.

17 August 20142 November 201411:00MER Museum Open Every Sunday until end of the season

Adjacent to Derby Castle tram sheds

1 September 201431 August 2016ALL EVENTS - ALL DATES - ALL VENUES


2 September 201430 September 20142014 Brass Bands Summer Season - September Concerts

Villa Marina Arcade or on Sundays in the Gardens if fine

3 September 20143 October 201418:30'The eye of the Beholder' photography gallery

Sir James Mellon Gallery, Erin Arts Centre, Port Erin

25 September 201425 September 201419:00Thirsty Thursdays

Dining Car

26 September 201426 September 201410:30Living with and beyond cancer - Survicorship Conference

Viscount Suite,
Mount Murray Hotel & Country Club

26 September 201427 September 201418:40Pie in the Sky: Andromeda a galactic neighbour

Snaefell Mountain Railway

27 September 201427 September 201410:30Hall Caine Seminar

Manx Museum Lecture Theatre

28 September 201428 September 201412:10Manxman Sunday Lunch

Dining Car

28 September 201428 September 201414:00Collectors Fair at the Sailors Shelter

East Quay - Peel

4 October 20144 October 201411:00Heritage Open Day - Tours of the Steam Railway Workshops

Steam Railway

4 October 201411 October 201417:40Indian Hill Station Themed Dinners FULLY BOOKED

Snaefell Mountain Railway

4 October 20144 October 201419:30Hospice Chocolate Ball

Mount Murray Country Club

5 October 20145 October 201411:00Heritage Open Day - Tours of the MER Workshops

Derby Castle

11 October 201411 October 201411:00Heritage Open Day - Tours of the MER Workshops

Derby Castle

18 October 201418 October 201409:30The Isle of Man in the Seventeenth Century

Manx Museum Lecture Theatre

24 October 201425 October 2014Pie in the Sky: Orionid meteors

Snaefell Mountain Railway

27 October 201431 October 201411:50Hop-tu-naa specials

Steam Railway/Dining Car

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