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Public Sector PensionsHuman ResourcesPublic Sector Injury Benefit Scheme 2014

The Public Sector Pensions Authority is consulting on a proposal to make the Public Sector Injury Benefit Scheme 2014.

Following the implementation of the Unified Scheme (GUS), which sought to harmonise pension benefits across the majority of the Isle of Man Public Service, the Council of Ministers determined that a review should be carried out into Injury Benefits, with a view to putting in place new arrangements that will deliver an equity of treatment across the majority of the public service whilst maintaining a good level of benefits.

It is proposed that the Public Sector Injury Benefit Scheme 2014 will replace the Interim Injury Benefit Scheme 2012 and will provide injury benefits to those employees who are eligible to be members of the Unified Scheme.

A copy of the draft Scheme and further information can be found by using the hyperlink above and viewing the full consultation and its relevant link to the Unified Scheme website.

13 October 2014 - 16 January 2015
New Drivers ConsultationInfrastructureNew Driver Proposals

This consultation exercise is looking to invite feedback on various proposals regarding new drivers in order to improve their safety. Investigations by the Department have shown the problems experienced by new drivers on the Island are replicated all over the world and various solutions have been introduced to overcome the issues. The paper details some of the solutions that have been introduced and includes several proposals to start the discussion of this sensitive issue. We want to encourage respondents to provide their thoughts and any other ideas we could investigate to safeguard new drivers.

8 October 2014 - 30 November 2014
CP14-06 Launch of QIS1I.P.ACP14-06 Launch of QIS1

This paper provides details of the first quantitative impact study for life insurance business (“QIS1”) and outlines the amendments to the technical specification following the consultation on valuation and capital adequacy for life insurance business.

The updated technical specification following the consultation on valuation and capital adequacy for life insurance business is also attached, together with a set of risk free curves for the currencies set out in the technical specification.

A set of 6 results templates are provided for population by life insurers with the results of their QIS1 calculations.

Finally, a questionnaire is included which insurers are requested to complete and return together with their results. The questionnaire seeks to obtain feedback from insurers on the various aspects of QIS1 and to understand any particular difficulties experienced by respondents.

30 September 2014 - 30 March 2015
Legal AidGeneral RegistryLegal Aid

The new independent Legal Aid Committee is reviewing the future shape of access to justice for those without the means to pay for it.
The Committee, which was reconvened last year, is embarking on the first fundamental review of the Island’s legal aid system for 14 years and as a first step is undertaking an open public consultation

See attached document for further information.

22 September 2014 - 28 November 2014
Equality BillCabinet OfficeEquality Bill

Comments are sought on draft Equality Bill. The Bill is based on the UK’s Equality Act 2010 and its aim is to provide a comprehensive legal framework against discrimination in the Isle of Man.

11 August 2014 - 28 November 2014
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