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TopicAgencyTitleConsultation Period
Consultation on Changes to Regulatory Fees from 2015 F.S.CConsultation on Changes to Regulatory Fees from 2015

This consultation is particularly relevant to all licence applicants, licenceholders, and collective investment schemes.

12 December 2014 - 30 January 2015
CP14-08 2015 Regulatory FeesI.P.ACP14-08 2015 Regulatory Fees

The Insurance and Pensions Authority issues for consultation the draft Insurance (Fees) Regulations 2015, the draft Registered Schemes Administrators (Fees) Order 2015 and the draft Registered Schemes Administrators (Fees) Regulations 2015.

The draft Regulations and Order prescribe, with effect from April 2015 onwards, the application and annual fees charged to entities regulated by the Insurance and Pensions Authority under the Insurance Act 2008 and the Retirement Benefits Schemes Act 2000.
Copies of the consultation document, together with the draft regulations and order, can be found below. The Authority invites comments on the proposed Order and Regulations by 21 January 2015, though earlier submission would be welcome.

12 December 2014 - 21 January 2015
Public Health Tobacco Bill ConsultationHealth and Social CarePublic Health (Tobacco) Bill

A public consultation on a draft Bill to amend the Public Health (Tobacco) Act 2006. The changes proposed include:
• A ban on tobacco displays
• Further controls on tobacco advertising
• A ban on the sale of tobacco products from vending machines
• The introduction of the ability to issue fixed penalty notices (fines) for smoking offences. This final change will be applied to proposed new regulations which will ban smoking in vehicles where children are present.

9 December 2014 - 19 January 2015
Proposed new legislation implementing MARPOL Annex III, MARPOL Protocol I & SOLAS Chapter VIIShip RegistryConsultation on proposed policy for new legislation implementing MARPOL Annex III, MARPOL Protocol I & SOLAS Chapter VII

The Isle of Man is proposing to make legislation to give effect to the latest versions of MARPOL Annex III (Carriage of Harmful Substances), MARPOL Protocol I (Reports on Incidents Involving Harmful Substances) and SOLAS Chapter VII (Carriage of Dangerous Goods). This consultation paper sets out the proposed requirements.

9 December 2014 - 20 January 2015
Possible changes to the Countryside Care SchemeD.E.F.AConsultation on Amendments to the Countryside Care Scheme for Scheme year 2015 onwards

Consultation on possible amendments to The Countryside Care Scheme 2009

4 December 2014 - 16 January 2015
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