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Motorists will automatically receive the new Vehicle Registration Certificate when:

  • They register a vehicle for the first time;
  • They become the Registered Keeper of a vehicle they have bought second-hand;
  • They notify any changes to the vehicle record such as change of address;
  • Or in circumstances where the yellow log book has to be replaced because it has been lost or destroyed.

The introduction of the Vehicle Registration Certificate makes it easier for the registered keepers to comply with their legal obligation to declare acquisition or disposal of vehicles. They just complete the appropriate section on the certificate and return it to the Licensing Office.

When a vehicle has been issued with a new-style registration document, and that vehicle is then sold, both the seller and the purchaser must jointly notify the Licensing Office, that the vehicle has changed hands. This can be done by completing the relevant tear-off section on the reverse of the registration certificate and submitting it to any Post Office or posting it to the Licensing Office. If the seller fails to do this, he or she will remain liable for taxing the car.

The new owner is given the remainder of the certificate which must be submitted to the Licensing Office with a Change of Ownership form and appropriate fee after which a new Registration Certificate will be issued by post.

Registered keepers need to check the information on the new certificate and notify the Licensing Office if there are any errors. The Vehicle Registration Certificate will be issued with a plastic wallet to keep it in.

If the Vehicle Registration Certificate is lost there is a charge of £16 to replace it. 

Renewal of Vehicle Tax

A renewal notice to make payment of Vehicle Tax will be sent out approximately a month before renewal. This will contain the cost of renewal and a unique renewal number. Payment can now be made online through Online Services. (Please note that registration to Online Services with an email address is required to use this service). 

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